provides search facility for goods and services in Malaysia : the one stop meeting site for buyers and sellers.Specializing in sourcing rare and difficult to find items,we cater for all industrial, wholesale, retail and personal needs in the overseas and local market for both commercial and leisure goods and services. 

For a quick look at the readily available goods and services that you could buy or sellthrough us, please click at the RTS (Ready To Sell) and RTB (Ready To Buy) database.

If you are searching for something that is not in our current RTS and RTB database, please e-mail us by providing complete information of the goods or services concerned.We will assign a reference code to your request in our next site update. 
E-mail us and quote the item reference code that interests you.   


You may also have an overview of our search facility scope by clicking at Search about1.jpg (4272 bytes)


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